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Behind the Artist

Many struggle to find their destined identity; strenuously taking different paths in hopes of finding what truly fits, but there are others that emerge fully formed with their own-identity established. Zdany Chisholm fits firmly in the latter category. His debut album, Genesis, a creative fusion of contemporary smooth jazz and R&B is attractive, sensual, and soulful to say the least. 

From a young age, Zdany Chisholm was drawn to music. Humming, banging on blocks, pots, pans, and singing: these all began in toddlerhood. Once he picked up an instrument for the first time, there was no turning back. That first instrument was the drums by the way. After some time,​ he started playing the piano, taking after his maternal grandmother. Zdany found a natural aptitude to quickly learn how to play instruments and music by ear. He later picked up the trombone, finally settling on the saxophone. Zdany affirms, “There is just something about the saxophone; somehow it has the ability to connect the soul of the player to the listener.” By high school, the dream crystalized of becoming a professional musician. Years of developing his craft, style, and voice, Zdany is now on the road to being the professional saxophone player he wanted to be. If you’d like to work or hire a musician you can count on getting the job done, Zdany Chisholm is available and ready to assist you in all your musical needs.

Now based out of Atlanta, GA, saxophonist, vocalist, producer and composer, Zdany Chisholm, has played his way from the kitchen floor, to stages and concert halls all around the world. Zdany has performed for mayors, dignitaries, and for numerous charitable events. He has toured as the solo saxophonist for international recording artist, Cody Chesnutt, whose unique musical styling fuse elements of rock, funk, soul, blues, and hip hop. Zdany’s soulful sax and horn arrangements are currently featured on Chesnutt’s latest album, Landing on a Hundred. In 2011, Zdany performed at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland sharing the stage with Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins. Among other notable artist he's worked with, in 2016, Zdany had the opportunity to perform with American singer, rapper, producer CeeLo Green. 

Zdany’s currently staying busy working on new music and building his fan base by performing locally and on the road with several bands, wanting to always be in the right place, at the right time. He strives continually to stay meek and grounded even with all the many blessings and opportunities. Notable companies such as Sax Dakota, Bari Woodwind, Reunion Blues, Gator Cases, and Silverstein Ligatures currently endorse Zdany. "Only what you do for Christ will last," says the humble man as he quotes his mother’s resounding words. This is only the beginning for Zdany, and he’s definitely up for challenge of carving out his place in this enormous realm of music.

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The Debut Album

In addition to being featured on several CD projects, in 2012, Zdany released his self-produced debut album appropriately entitled, Genesis. This project highlights his diverse musical artistries as well as his proficiency in production. He reflects, “There was a lot of trial and error that went into the album, but all in all, I’m satisfied with the product. It’s like a perfect feel-good and melodious experience.” From the soulful groove of “Date Night,” the sensual sounds of “You Can Have It All,” the motivating inspiration of “Be Somebody,” and the lyrical ode to that special lady in “Queen of My Dreams,” there is indeed something for everyone to enjoy.

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Zdany Chisholm is endorsed by the following:  

Sax Dakota  |  Bari Woodwind  |  Silverstein Works Ligatures  |  Reunion Blues  |  Gator Cases  |  Hercules Stands

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